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Welcome to the journey...

Shaping Wealth has designed this cohort-based experience for financial planners committed to the achievement of funded contentment for their clients—and for themselves. This intensive program trains “player-coaches” on how to guide clients on timely financial decisions and timeless considerations of how money fits into a meaningful life.

​The “Behavioral Advisor” who emerges from this transformative experience will sit on the leading edge of the global wealth management industry. We aspire for this program to be a watershed moment in your career.


"An immersive coaching experience that will not be similar to anything you have done in your career thus far.

Take the leap."

Stephen Edwards,

Baird Wealth Management


"I had sky-high expectations for
BTBA but was still blown away

by the experience."

Ross Marino,


Building the Behavioral Advisor in numbers


Watch our short video on what to expect from BTBA

Click below to explore the program brochure

BTBA is a Game-Changing Experience

  • Our alumni call the program “transformative.” It not only upskills you on the practice of leading-edge behavioral advice, but is an inspiring process of self-discovery and community building.

  • Your BTBA journey anchors on a combination of live engagement, a chock-full proprietary digital learning library, and a custom workbook with 100+ thought-provoking questions and conversation starters. You will be well-equipped as a behavioral advisor!

  • You will earn 19 hours of CFP© CE credit. 

  • Receive lifetime access to the course content, always available through the learning portal.

  • Enjoy lifetime access to the BTBA alumni community, including quarterly “boost” sessions emphasizing peer-to-peer engagement on best practices.

  • Earn a Certificate in Behavioral Advice, signifying your completion of this elite coaching program.

  • A 6-month premium subscription to the Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO) platform (a $900 value).

  • Ultimately, you will earn an extensive and original toolkit to motivate deeper client trust and more
    “referral worthy” moments.

What previous alumni are saying


"Building the Behavioral Advisor, and Shaping Wealth generally, is creating the advisors of tomorrow."

 Michael Antonelli,

Baird Wealth Management



"Building the Behavioral Advisor will make you a better advisor

and a better human."

 Michelle Begina,

Snowden Lane Partners


"What Shaping Wealth has put together is nothing short of amazing"




Michael Policar,

NGP Financial Planning

Join our growing community of behavioral advisors


We'll help you...

  • Build a deep and practical understanding of how money fits into a meaningful life.

  • Acquire the skills to lead and inspire others with this knowledge.

  • Understand the elements of human nature that create a fraught relationship with money.

  • Increase empathy and develop storytelling skills that elevate the client experience in a manner that sets you up to exceed expectations.

  • Create a fresh, actionable vision for how your firm can create a competitive edge.

  • Magnify the chance that your clients —and you—will flourish.

Three learning modes...

  1. Live. You will meet with your small-group cohort and the Shaping Wealth team (Brian, Joy, and/or Neil) for each Module . These two-hour live sessions will involve instruction, group discussion, and break-out sessions.

  2. Self-Paced. Elements of the program are designed to be experienced at your own pace and convenience. Along the way, your progress will “unlock” the next Module so that you can engage the multi-media content.

  3. Reflective. Each Module has moments of self-reflection. There are also more-intense exercises, including writing your own “money story.” You decide how much time to devote to the self-reflective assignments

Your BTBA experience includes:

  • 12 hours of live instruction

  • Hours of additional video content and a rich library of articles for deeper exploration

  • Custom-made physical workbook

  • 19 hours of CFP© CE credit

  • Certificate in Behavioral Advice

  • Full lifetime access to asynchronous replays

  • A 6-month premium subscription to the Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer
    (OCBO) platform (a $900 value)

  • Ongoing meet-ups with the Shaping Wealth Team and broader BTBA community



"Utterly original and exceptional."


 Jonathan Novy,

Ritholtz Wealth Management

  • The BTBA experience costs $7,500

  • A 20% deposit is required on registration

  • Payment plans are available

Program cost

Next BTBA cohort dates announced soon

The next cohort for BTBA commences

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 and ends

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024. All dates for the eight modules are here. You will be sent official invites for these dates once you are registered for the BTBA program.

Module 1: January 23rd, 2024

Module 2:  February 6th, 2024

Module 3:  February 20th, 2024

Module 4:  March 5th, 2024

Module 5:  March 19th, 2024

Module 6:  April 2nd, 2024

Module 7:  April 16th, 2024

Module 8:  April 30th, 2024

We'll be announcing the exact dates of Cohort 11 shortly. 

Are you ready to join this
transformative experience?

Register soon for
BTBA Cohort 11


Please fill out the following form, including if applicable, your CFP details.


Once you have completed this form, you will be sent an email containing a link to our payment partner Stripe. Here you secure your place in the program with a 20% deposit. There is also a link in this email should you wish to pay the amount in full.


On registration: $1,500 deposit. 

One month before the program begins, you will receive an email from us with a link to pay the outstanding balance of $6,000


As part of this program we offer a deferred payment plan.

Payment 1: Deposit of $1,500 due on registration.

Payment 2: Due one month before the program begins - $3,000.
Payment 3: Due one month before the program ends - $3,000.


If you would like to take advantage of the deferred payment plan, please let us know when you register. 


Registration Form




If you are CFP registered, you are eligible for CFP credits for being part of BTBA. To ensure we can successfully award you with these, please complete the following information. If you are not CFP registered, you can skip through these questions.


As part of your BTBA experience, we turn a photo of you (a headshot picture) into a digital avatar. If you would like one of these provided, please attach a headshot photograph along with this form.

Upload your headshot (optional)


Please let us know the most convenient postal address for you. This is where we will send your course materials plus your Certificate of Behavioral Advice!

Thanks for submitting your BTBA form. Please keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email containing instructions on how to secure your place with a 20% deposit payment.



Time is my most limited asset. What commitment do I need to make in order to succeed?

Over the course of the eight-module experience, we think that approximately three hours per module puts you in a great situation to level up your behavioral prowess and accelerate your career. Imagine devoting one intense day over the span of the whole program and you’ll be positioned to win.

I'm super-busy and can't make all of the live sessions. Can I access the content I missed?

Yes! Each Module will have an asynchronous option. When you can’t make a session, you can watch, read, and listen in order to remain on track. The community element of the program, including group discussions and projects, are incredibly valuable, so we would not recommend skipping sessions unless necessary.

Can you give me a specific ROIC for the program? I want to get my money's worth.

No. We have been asked for specific KPIs (e.g., new-client acquisition; retention; asset growth). But we cannot with any intellectual honesty give you a specific number. The course is designed to make you a better advisor running a better planning practice. We are highly confident the program is “worth it.” In fact, with 100+ alumni, the market has spoken: Feedback is consistently excellent. Advisors have better engaged clients, changed their planning process, built stronger team, and more. The ultimate question from us to you is: How are you going to use BTBA to achieve your personal and professional goals? We are committed to helping you achieve them.

Who else will be in my cohort?

Cohort-based learning brings particular benefits that are not available via other methods. Thus, taking the journey as part of a team should be both edifying and fun. Expect that your teammates will be similarly forward-looking financial advisors. You’ll hear and see first hand what other modern advisors are thinking about, struggling with, and already executing with excellence.

What if I don't want to share personal, life, or business details with the group?

You are not required to disclose nor will you be asked to share anything you don’t want to share. That said, this journey is about engagement and growth. We are building the experience to be a watershed moment in your career – a supercharged moment – and part of that accomplishment is engaging with your authentic future self.

Is there anything else specific or concrete I get from BTBA?

Those who successfully complete the course will be eligible for 19 hours of Continuing Education credits from the CFP Board. We will also be issuing a Certificate in Behavioral Advice to acknowledge your completion of this exclusive and intensive experience.

Can I "fail" the program?

Yes. You can show up but not do the work, or just fail to show up at all. If you choose not to engage the material and writing exercises, you will not obtain the skills of being a Behavioral Advisor. This a proper coaching program, not just a course to audit, and we see our most successful alumni arrive with a growth mindset and really dig in.

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