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Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO) By Shaping Wealth

An advisor engagement platform harnessing the power of behavioral finance to build teams of highly motivated, satisfied advisors, and engage clients in more meaningful ways.

How Can Today’s Advice Firms Better Empower Their Teams?

Across the global wealth industry, advice firms are struggling to recruit, train, retain, and motivate advisors, who are increasingly being called upon to act as integrated life/wealth coaches. The critical, unmet training need is on the human side of advice, where disciplines like applied behavioral finance and neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence translate into practice management.

Shaping Wealth’s OCBO experience, one-stop learning and development resource, provides the content and coaching future-focused advice firms need to fortify talented teams and transform cultures.

Individual Growth

The modern advisor is overwhelmed and needs to be seen and supported. You care deeply about your personal and professional growth, situated in the search for deep relationships, autonomy, work that matters, and a broader sense of purpose.

Team Building

Advice firms need a way to attract, train, retain, and motivate talented advisors over the course of their careers. In the global wealth industry, a large part of this imperative training effort is in the psychology of planning: behavioral finance, emotional intelligence, and other skills.

Client Engagement

Clients are searching for engaging, fulfilling, and trusting relationships with their advisors that go beyond facts and numbers and answer their two most important questions: “Am I going to be okay?” and “How much is enough?”


Through a beautiful proprietary dashboard, OCBO delivers a measured flow of weekly, monthly, and quarterly applied behavioral insights and tools that are easy-to-understand and easy-to-share. This subscription-based experience promises hundreds of pieces of practical, impactful, and original content each year.

XX Individual Seats
Access to Our Exclusive Community
Library of CE Approved Content
Custom  Onboarding Webinar
Quarterly Executive  Coaching Sessions
Custom Content for Your Firm
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- Ranie Verby (Plancorp)
Advisors and Firms Already Thriving with Shaping Wealth

Build a Firm of Flourishing Advisors

Schedule some time with Shaping Wealth co-founder, Brian Portnoy, to learn more about how OCBO transforms advisory teams and fortifies cultures. 

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