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Your Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer experience

Behavioral content, coaching, tools, games and community—crafted for you to inspire clients, deepen trust, and improve the lives of others.

What if there was an easy, effective and scaleable way to:


Understand others better in order to deliver a much-improved
client experience?


Train advisors to have better conversations about the things in life that really matter?


Tackle the challenge of advisor wellbeing in our always-on, information-soaked world?

Now there is.

Introducing the Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer™ experience

OCBO is a game-changing membership program which translates the science and wisdom on financial wellbeing
into transformative experiences that improve the lives of clients and the advisors who serve them.



Get started for free or jump straight into the complete OCBO experience

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If you would like to learn more about OCBO Platinum or our Enterprise solutions please let us know by sending us your contact details. One of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Shaping Wealth is your Chief Behavioral Officer

  • In a nutshell, what exactly is “OCBO”?
    OCBO is a membership experience for the modern financial advisor who is seeking to elevate their practice by leveraging the power of behavioral science. Behavioral insight is powerful when it becomes practical. We help you translate research, concepts and mental models into action with measurable benefits. OCBO equips advisors to ask different questions, have deeper conversations, bolster trust, and drive better outcomes. With OCBO, the Shaping Wealth team will be supporting you at every step along the way.
  • What is a Chief Behavioral Officer?
    In wealth management, a CBO drives exceptional client engagement and outcomes by promoting better decision-making, habits, and wellbeing. They channel actionable insights from disciplines as wide ranging as psychology, neuroscience, economics, and philosophy to improve the lives of not only external clients but internal team members. A CBO holds ultimate responsibility for the psychological dimensions of financial planning.
  • Do I actually need one?
    The biggest wirehouses and private banks have an official CBO role, though these are often glorified marketing positions. The need for a full-time CBO is debatable, but it’s inarguable that client-centric wealth advisors should (and do) take seriously how to make better financial decisions. That requires serious engagement with the now-massive field of behavioral science. All advisory firms have someone in charge of investments, operations, and talent. Few currently oversee the many psychological dimensions of financial planning. How would a firm know if it’s channeling the most impactful behavioral insights and tools if no one is charged with paying attention to that?
  • What type of advice practice is best positioned to benefit from OCBO?
    Advisors in the Shaping Wealth community are generally digging in on better understanding client psychology. They also tend to see recruiting and retaining talent as the top constraint on growth. Thus, OCBO members want the one-two punch of better client engagement and accelerated professional development. We see members at all experience levels, from early-stage to veteran, and range from one-person shops to large platforms. The common theme is: Be better and do better. Help clients and love your job along the way. Funded contentment is not just for clients; it’s for advisors, too.
  • Can everyone at my firm have access to OCBO?
    Yes! We offer enterprise licensing. Please contact to discuss details of the arrangement that will best meet your firm’s needs. In the context of that arrangement, each individual advisor or team member will need to create an individual account.
  • How do I sign up?
    First, choose wether you want to explore the service for free or jump straight into our OCBO Plus experience. Once you select the level that is right for you, you will be taken to a registration page where you can provide your name, email address, company name, and payment information (if you're opting for OCBO Plus).
  • Which tier - Core, Plus, or Platinum - is right for me?
    OCBO Core is a great place to start upping your game in delivering behavioral advice. You will receive many actionable ideas that form a foundation for developing a human-centric approach to financial planning. OCBO Core is free. OCBO Plus is your panoply of behavioral coaching and content. At this level, you’ll have significant live access to the Shaping Wealth team, in addition to all of the items that Core members receive. As a Plus-level member, you will have additional opportunities to transform your practice with punctuated coaching insights and elevated emotional competencies. OCBO Plus is $150 /month or $1,500 /year. OCBO Platinum is Shaping Wealth’s business coaching offering. It’s a limited capacity offering giving you exclusive 1x1 engagement with members of the team. We have seen advisors request the in-depth exploration of personal and professional growth opportunities, client case reviews, and consultations on what matters most to you and your practice. OCBO Platinum starts at $1,500 /month.
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