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Empathy in Shaping Wealth with Brian Portnoy

Empathy is the modern financial advisor's superpower. Empathy does not always imply going through the same experiences as the client or mirroring their emotions. It's more about listening to them.

Brian Portnoy, Co-Founder of Shaping Wealth and Author of “Geometry of Wealth”. In this episode, he shares his beginnings, why empathy is important when talking to clients, and the relationship between happiness, sadness and money. He realized there was a high demand in the advisor community for practical tools, as well as how to become a balanced advisor.

Listen to this podcast to understand his vision for the industry and how you can be of service to others and help shape their wealth.


>> Brian’s beginnings, achievements, and building “Shaping Wealth”

>> Importance of Empathy for clients

>> Why advisors fail to meet clients needs and how to change that

>> Happiness, Sadness and Money

>> The value of being a balanced advisor

>> Challenges faced by the financial industry

>> Works that Shaping Wealth does

>> Brian’s vision for the industry and his practice for the next five years

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