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Shaping Wealth Offers Free Access to OCBO Advisor Engagement Platform

The leading provider of behavioral finance training expands its always-on digital engagement platform to offer free applied behavioral insights, tools, and resources.

CHICAGO--Shaping Wealth, a pioneer in applied behavioral finance for the global wealth management industry, announces today the expansion of its Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO) learning and development platform to include free access to weekly, monthly, and quarterly content resources.

The subscription-based OCBO program delivers users a steady flow of applied behavioral insights and tools that are both easy to understand and easy to share with clients. Now, select content resources will be available free of charge through the proprietary dashboard.

“The tailwind for practical behavioral insights and tools in the wealth industry is global and it is strong,” said Brian Portnoy, Founder of Shaping Wealth. “According to McKinsey’s recent industry analysis, over the next decade, advisors will become more like integrated life/wealth coaches. While we can confirm that this shift is starting to happen, we still question how advisors will be able to train, at scale, in disciplines like the psychology of financial planning, applied behavioral finance, and positive psychology. In our view the ‘soft’ skills are the hardest to obtain and maintain.”

Shaping Wealth is stepping into the breach with multiple advisor training solutions. Along with Portnoy, co-founders Neil Bage and Dr. Joy Lere bridge modern, evidence-based research with timeless wisdom on a life well-lived to deliver experiences fulfilling three purposes: individual growth, team building, and client engagement.

To get started right away with free access to OCBO, click here, or sign up to see a demo of the full OCBO platform during our webinar on July 12, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

About Shaping Wealth

Shaping Wealth is a leading provider of learning and training solutions for the global wealth management industry, specifically in applied behavioral finance and the psychology of financial planning.

Comprised of experts in behavioral finance, psychology, and neuroscience, the Shaping Wealth team develops coaching and content experiences designed to educate, train, and inspire advice firms ranging from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies. Shaping Wealth’s flagship coaching program, Building the Behavioral Advisor, is a transformative learning experience for advisors committed to achieving funded contentment for their clients and themselves.

The groundbreaking Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO) platform enables advisors with an ongoing set of applied behavioral insights and tools that are easy to understand, easy to share, practical, and impactful. Shaping Wealth also offers deep-dive, one-day workshops and customized learning solutions for enterprise-level firms.


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