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Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 1142 32 64 Bit ChingLiu [March-2022]




Hi all, I've been working on a 'new game engine' (more of an experiment really) for a while now. Its based off a game I saw on a Polish boardgame forum, The boardgame is called Hetalia Axis Powers. There is also a website with English translations for the boardgame if you'd like to try it out. I thought it would be fun to take something small like the boardgame, and turn it into a video game. So I've made a prototype of the game, but I'm going to playtest it in a few weeks. Here is some initial thoughts and expectations. The game will hopefully also be released under the GNU GPL licence. Please send me feedback and thoughts on the prototype. What do you think? I want your honest feedback on everything, and not just the prototype, but what you'd expect from a whole new game engine. Please note: I can not promise that it will work as expected, but this is to be a fun prototype. If there is interest in this game (maybe its a bit too niche?) I may put up more information about it and why I made it, etc. Also, I have put a lot of time into it and I'd really love to get some feedback on it. If you have any advice please comment. I don't want to end up like DarkEraPirate did. This is a hobby, and if I do something like that it really wont be fun and will give me a bad impression of the hobby. So I'll try to avoid it, but I can't promise I'll be successful. I may also make a new blog post in a week or two about what I learned from making this prototype. ^HOT^ The game: Features: (Obviously this is a prototype, so I'm sure it will change and will make some changes along the way.) -Variable difficulty levels, the amount of players and computer players will help determine the difficulty of the game. -A battle system. (A battle system will be based off of the rule engine). Players will be able to make 3 basic moves to attack a computer player. The moves will be taken in turn order. -Short and long term goals. I will probably be able to work out the types of goals you will be able to set in



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Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 1142 32 64 Bit ChingLiu [March-2022]
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