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iphone backup iphone backup eraser freeQ: How to extract data from 2 string variables how to extract data from 2 string variables. I have 2 string variables $a = "house number 23, street name koen, road name brussels, post code xxx"; $b = "house number 38, street name karen, road name bram, post code xxx"; my question is how to get the house number, street name, road name, post code from both $a and $b. I want to do something like: $a = $a[0]. $a[1]; $b = $b[0]. $b[1]; echo "house number: $a, street name: $b, road name: $b"; results house number: 23, street name: karen, road name: bram and so on.. A: You can just use explode: $a = explode(', ', $a); $b = explode(', ', $b); echo $a[0]; echo $a[1]; echo $b[0]; echo $b[1]; Output: 23 karen 38 bram Or you can even use preg_split and do it all at once: $a = preg_split('/,(?=[^,])/', $a); $b = preg_split('/,(?=[^,])/', $b); Adriana Mancuso Adriana Mancuso (née Bruni; born March 23, 1993) is an Italian female water polo player. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed for the Italian women's national team in the water polo event. She is a member of the River Pirates. References External links Category:Italian female water polo players Category:1993 births Category:Living people Category:Olympic water polo players of Italy Category:Water polo players at the 2012 Summer Olympics Category:World Aquatics Championships medalists in water poloMain menu Post navigation B-plated Cuisine + a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card




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Reclaime File Recovery Ultimate Crack pansanna
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