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Shaping Wealth has designed this cohort-based experience for financial planners committed to the achievement of funded contentment for their clients—and for themselves. This is an intensive program to train “player-coaches” on how to guide clients not just on timely financial decisions but timeless considerations of how money fits into a meaningful life.

The “Behavioral Advisor” who emerges from this transformative experience will sit on the leading edge of the global wealth management industry. We aspire for this program to be a watershed moment in your career.



Building The Behavioral Advisor is a  100-day  journey. During that stretch, you will move through the  8 modules  which will combine biweekly live sessions, self-paced learning, and directed self-reflection exercises. All in, success will require ~ 24 hours of focused engagement during your 100 days.


Here’s some more detail on the three learning modes:

  1. Live. You will meet with your small-group cohort and the Shaping Wealth team (Brian, Joy, and/or Neil) every other week for 2 hours. These live sessions will involve instruction and group discussion.

  2. Self-Paced. Elements of the program are designed to be experienced at your own pace and convenience. Along the way, each next Module will be “unlocked” so that you can engage the multi-media (video, audio, reading, games) content.

  3. Reflective. Each Module has moments of self-reflection. There are also more-intense exercises, including writing your own “money story.” You decide how much time to devote to the self-reflective assignments.




Mental models ahead! We introduce perspectives from the leading edge of behavioral finance, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and other disciplines – all with the goal of broadening your lens and sharpening your skills.



BTBA is a “player-coach” experience. Yes, you are leading others. But you are also in the arena, investing in yourself and searching for funded contentment. How to get there? We’ll guide you on questions of happiness, meaning, empathy, and the stories that define you. Self-awareness energizes the Behavioral Advisor



We all want to have better conversations about the things that really matter. Let’s apply your understanding of humanity’s timeless gifts and quirks to the timely considerations of better decisions and habits. With your peers, you will model the conversations your clients find revealing and empowering.



Connect with people just like you. Modern advisors share similar challenges and obstacles but rarely take the opportunity to share and grow together. BTBA’s cohort-structure frames and accelerates this burgeoning community. And, yeah, sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with other smart, cool, and motivated people.



$7,500. This price includes the fully-designed course and all of the materials, including a custom-made workbook (print + digital), access to asynchronous replays, 14 hours of CFP Continuing Education credit, a Certificate in Behavioral Advice, and some other goodies. For larger groups, we have “family pack” offerings at a discounted rate.

"Utterly original and exceptional."  


Jonathan Novy, Ritholtz Wealth Management

"Building the Behavioral Advisor, and Shaping Wealth generally, is creating the advisors of tomorrow."


Michael Antonelli, Baird Wealth Management


"Building the Behavioral Advisor will make you a better advisor and a better human."


Michelle Begina, Snowden Lane Partners

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Time is my most limited asset. What commitment do I need to make in order to succeed?

All in, over the course of 100 days, we think that approximately 24 full hours of engagement will lead to successful completion. Imagine one very intense day over the span of one whole season.

I'm super-busy and can't make all of the live sessions. Can I access the content I missed?

Yes! Each Module will have an asynchronous option. When you can’t make a session, you can watch, read, and listen in order to remain on track. The community element of the program, including group discussions and projects, are incredibly valuable, so we would not recommend skipping sessions unless necessary.

Can you give me a specific ROIC for the program? I want to get my money's worth.

No. We have been asked for a specific number on new-client acquisition or asset growth as a result of participating. But we cannot with any intellectual honesty give you a number. The course is designed to make you a better advisor running a better planning practice. We are confident the program is “worth it” and are happy to provide references. The ultimate question is: How are you going to use BTBA to achieve your personal and professional goals? We are committed to helping you achieve them.

Who else will be in my cohort?

Cohort-based learning brings particular benefits that are not available via other methods. Thus, taking the journey as part of a team should be both edifying and fun. Expect that your teammates will be similarly forward-looking financial advisors. You’ll hear and see first hand what other modern advisors are thinking about, struggling with, and already executing with excellence. Our current plan is to have about 10 individuals per cohort.

What if I don't want to share personal, life, or business details with the group?

You are not required to disclose nor will you be asked to share anything you don’t want to share. That said, this journey is about engagement and growth. We are building the experience to be a watershed moment in your career – a supercharged moment – and part of that accomplishment is engaging with your authentic future self.

How did you come up with BTBA's $7,500 price tag?

Our research revealed that high-end coaching experiences in the advice space sum well into the 5-figures. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some popular, bare-boned programs in “applied behavioral finance” that cost a few thousand dollars. BTBA is a sweet spot in the middle of this range.

Is there anything else specific or concrete I get from BTBA?

Those who successfully complete the course will be eligible for Continuing Education credits from the CFP Board. We will also be issuing a Certificate in Behavioral Advice to acknowledge your completion of this exclusive and intensive experience.

Can I "fail" the program?

Yes. Those who choose not to engage the material, the writing exercises, and occasional quizzes will not be considered a graduate of Building the Behavioral Advisor.

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