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The Navigator Series elevates the real world of client meetings by leveraging the psychology of financial planning. This innovative training suite tackles how to navigate the meetings that every advisor traverses: screening and introduction, discovery, plan presentation, and ongoing (e.g., annual reviews) engagement. 


In four distinct but interconnected Navigator workshops, you will learn frameworks, questions, scripts, and agendas. By zeroing in on financial planning as relationship building and change management, you can hone your voice and scale your business by leaning into leading edge methods based in psychology, decision science, therapy, and coaching. The Navigator series is built to help advisors connect and grow.


To maximize impact, each workshop has limited capacity and the Shaping Wealth team employs experiential learning methods calibrated specifically for busy professionals.


You deeply value the advisor-client relationship and want to “level up” your conversations and questions with leading-edge communication strategies and psychology that elevate the relationship.

You are part of a firm with multiple advisors and want to standardize the discovery and onboarding process with best practices.

Your meetings process is pretty good, but you suspect there are modern techniques and strategies you could learn to improve client acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.


The Navigator experience


Screening & Introduction Meeting


First impressions set the path toward building lifelong client relationships. In this workshop, you will delve into the psychology of connection informing screening and introduction meetings. 


We will explore: 

  • How do consumers of financial advice feel or think about professional advice (nervous, excited, ashamed)?

  • How ready (or not) are they to get started?

  • How much value does the consumer place on the relationship versus just advice?


With these insights, you will develop your own custom application of the psychology at play. You will walk away with lists of questions for individual meetings and a thoughtful agenda that sets the groundwork for an elevated advisor-client relationship.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is going on in the mind of the prospective client 

  • Learn to craft questions and conversation to highlight the value of the relationship

  • Consider the connection between screening calls and introduction meetings for better fluidity and relationship building

  • Apply conversational skills, such as the “iceberg” method, to agenda building


Discovery Meeting


Discovery meetings are about more than data–they are also about connection. In this workshop you will first uncover what commonly goes wrong in the discovery meeting. This meeting sets the tone for your working alliance with the future client. Thus, we will learn to avoid common pitfalls like: interrogating, winging it, finding too many problems, having too many future goals, or talking too much about the advice or expertise. 


We will explore: 

  • How to avoid this meeting feeling a bit like an interrogation

  • Why finding too many problems is a problem

  • When to talk about advice and expertise

You will then apply this knowledge of where things can go off course to your own individualized practices and processes. You will walk away with lists of questions selected and crafted for your own practice and a well-planned agenda to get the data you need plus develop a connection with your soon-to-be-new-client that will pay off for years.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the client mindset during discovery calls

  • Learn to craft questions and conversation techniques that highlight the value of the relationship

  • Calibrate the connection between discovery and the follow-on plan presentation meeting

  • Apply conversational skills, such as scaling questions, to the development of an agenda

  • Develop a client-facing expectations document



Plan Presentation Engagement Meetings

Plan presentation meetings are about more than just presenting the plan. In this workshop you will leverage neuroscience and psychology to next-level this engagement.


We will tackle: 

  • How much information can a human process? 

  • How does great advice get watered down? 

  • How can your questions inspire downstream client action and satisfaction? 


Our newfound insight into the brain and decision making will allow us to apply this knowledge to your own process. You will walk away with lists of questions selected and crafted for your individual firm and a well-planned agenda to get prospective clients not only excited to sign-up as clients but delighted to get work done!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the prospective client mindset during plan engagement

  • Learn to craft questions and conversation to highlight the value of the relationship

  • Consider the connection between questions and engagement

  • Design meeting agendas with the science of information processing in mind


Review ("Flourish") Meetings


Review meetings can be boring–or magical. Achieving magic starts with truly knowing your clients’ status of “fix,” fine,” or “flourish.”


In this workshop you will begin by learning about the three stages of review meetings:

  • How are the three stages defined? 

  • How to know when a client is ready for the next stage? 

  • What is important to clients at each review stage? 


Prepared with new review meeting insights, you will create agendas for the first as well as ongoing review meetings based on lists of questions and conversations that elevate and expand the client-advisor relationship.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand client mindset during review meetings

  • Learn to craft questions and conversation to highlight the value of the relationship right now as well as how it can evolve

  • Consider the connection between questions and deepening the client-advisor alliance

  • Design meeting agendas and prepare clients for flourish meetings

  • Each workshop is 4 hours, split into 2 sessions (so each session will be 2 hours)

  • There will be two weeks between the sessions to allow for advisor work time and practice

  • Self-paced work using custom worksheets designed to optimize the value and impact of your live in-class time

  • Connections to other advisors and partner practice time – getting in “reps” and feedback from others is one of the most valuable pieces of this experience



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