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Announcing Exclusive Canadian Partnership with Q Wealth Partners

Q Wealth Partners, one of Canada’s only co-operative Partner-led Portfolio Management firms, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Shaping Wealth, led by the internationally acclaimed author and behavioral finance expert Dr. Brian Portnoy. This exclusive Canadian collaboration seeks to develop the next level of “human-centric” client experience in the wealth management industry.


As a cornerstone of this partnership, Q Wealth has secured the collaboration of all members of the Shaping Wealth team – including psychologist Dr. Joy Lere, and behavioral science experts Neil Bage and Dr. Meghaan Lurtz. The program will first leverage Shaping Wealth’s existing learning management platform and content solutions to further the human-centric advice culture at Q Wealth - creating a shared vocabulary and understanding of both positive psychology and “BeFi 2.0” principles among Q Wealth advisors and staff.


Together with Q Wealth’s practice management leaders from across its network of partner firms, Shaping Wealth will collaborate to pioneer techniques for delivering curated client experiences which infuse the best of Shaping Wealth’s curriculum into the process of prospecting, onboarding, and driving ongoing engagement with clients.


Comments from Leadership

Jared Rabinowitz, CEO of Q Wealth Partners, commented, "About 12 years ago, we stumbled upon the field of positive psychology and ever since have been fascinated by the development and proliferation of this evidence-based science. It occurred to us that between positive psych and fintech, we have the most incredible opportunity to reimagine our industry, and truly differentiate ourselves from the competition. I read countless books on the subject, and brought our executive partners to global conferences to learn more, but converting the knowledge into a comprehensive framework and learning platform was an entirely different proposition. Q Wealth is innovating in so many areas of our industry, and that takes collaboration. The Shaping Wealth team offers us a massive shortcut to operationalizing this incredible and emerging field of science. While this is a multi-year program, our 2024 MVP is to create both a ‘tasting menu’ and ‘a la carte’ offering for clients that can be woven into traditional and subscription-based financial planning experiences, based on individual client preferences.”


Stephen Gasparek, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Partner Admissions at Q Wealth Partners, stated, 'This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for our firm. The Shaping Wealth team's full engagement in developing a distinctive client experience will elevate industry standards in Canada. Years ago, our leadership chose to differentiate through the client and partner experience, transcending the financial sector, and competing with brands we love in the “real world”. Investments have become a baseline for all boutique firms; but ultimately it is the experience that counts in our minds, ensuring our partners and their clients feel they are receiving unparalleled service. Brian Portnoy and his team exemplify this ethos and are a seamless extension of our commitment to excellence.  We are beyond excited to grow both of our businesses together.”


Brian Portnoy, Founder of Shaping Wealth, expressed, “Q Wealth is cracking the code. From the ground up, they are reimagining and transcending traditional financial advice, gaining momentum in pioneering a truly differentiated client experience that embraces a holistic perspective on wellbeing inspired by positive psychology. As fellow travelers on this journey, Shaping Wealth is globally scaling its learning and development platform to deliver best-in-class training in all-things human-first financial guidance. Thus, the opportunity to deeply collaborate with Q Wealth in this multi-year engagement is an honor and we are thrilled to apply our collective knowledge in driving exceptional client experiences in Canada.”


To learn more about Q Wealth and this new partnership, join our webinar on February 15, 2024:

About Q Wealth Partners

Quintessence (Q) Wealth is a Partnership of Portfolio Managers - exclusively for advisors who want to own their practice and transcend the investment dealer world to become true fiduciaries. A support platform and advisory practice accelerator – Q Wealth integrates wealth management with financial planning and client experience. This is complemented by a comprehensive array of digital marketing, IT, cyber security, and compliance solutions. All this empowers Q Wealth Partners to focus on serving their clients at scale, and with deeper engagement. With advanced tools and resources at their side, QW Partners not only stand out, but can stand atop in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing industry. To learn more, visit


About Shaping Wealth

Shaping Wealth is a leading provider of learning and training solutions for the global wealth management industry, specifically in applied behavioral finance and the psychology of financial planning. Comprised of experts in behavioral finance, psychology, and neuroscience, the Shaping Wealth team develops coaching and content experiences designed to educate, train, and inspire advice firms ranging from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies. Shaping Wealth’s flagship coaching program, Building the Behavioral Advisor, is a transformative learning experience for advisors committed to achieving funded contentment for their clients and themselves. The groundbreaking Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO) platform enables advisors with an ongoing set of applied behavioral insights and tools that are easy to understand, easy to share, practical, and impactful. Shaping Wealth also offers deep-dive, one-day workshops and customized learning solutions for enterprise-level firms. To learn more, visit



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