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Informed Choice Radio Interview

What has the pandemic taught us about wealth and what my guests today refer to as 'funded contentment'?

I'm delighted to welcome back to Informed Choice Radio two of my favourite people from the world of behavioural finance.

Brian Portnoy is one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of money. He has written multiple bestselling books, including The Geometry of Wealth, and has 20+ years of experience as investor and educator in the hedge fund and mutual fund industries. He is a CFA Charterholder and earned a PhD at the University of Chicago.

Neil Bage is an expert at bridging complex behavioral science with practical, tech-enabled application. He has served as a Chief Behavioral Officer for a UK-based financial planning firm and was the founder of an award-winning behavioral technology business. Neil has presented to thousands of business professionals around the world on human evolution, human biology, and behavioral psychology.

As experts in psychology, finance, technology, and learning, Brian, Neil and their colleagues at Shaping Wealth combine science and story to show people how to underwrite a meaningful life. It’s what they call "funded contentment."

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