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Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Innovator, Andrew Smith Lewis, Joins Advisory Council

Shaping Wealth, a pioneer in applied behavioral finance for the global wealth industry, announces today the addition of innovator, researcher, and author, Andrew Smith Lewis, to its Advisory Council.

Smith Lewis, founder and CEO of Alai, has spent the majority of his career operating at the intersection of AI, human performance, and finance. As part of the Shaping Wealth Advisory Council, he will work closely with founder Dr. Brian Portnoy and co-founders Dr. Joy Lere, and Neil Bage, bringing his extensive experience in learning and cognitive science to Shaping Wealth’s content creation and coaching initiatives.

“Andrew’s passion for research and innovation is beyond admirable. His work in the fields of neuroscience, learning, and AI have touched the lives of literally millions of people,” said Portnoy. “We are thrilled to be able to leverage his insights on improving human potential to further develop Shaping Wealth’s offerings.”

In addition to his work with Alai, Smith Lewis is one of the original co-inventors of the Cerego Learning Methodology and has multiple patents in his name. He’s also the distinguished author of “Learn Faster, Remember Longer” and co-author of “Social Learning Revolution.”

As the Founding Chief Innovation Officer at CAIS, he launched the AI-powered CAIS IQ, equipping advisor with the tools necessary to master alternative investments. He has advised the UAE government on digital education reform, and is a regular speaker at events like Schwab Impact, SALT, SXSW, and the AWS Public Sector Summit. Smith Lewis has also been acknowledged as a U.S. Army TRADOC Mad Scientist, reflecting his contributions to the fields of AI and brain science.

“I'm deeply vested in the union of technology and our inherent learning mechanisms. It's not just about education, but leveraging tech to amplify our cognitive strengths,” said Smith Lewis. “Shaping Wealth's innovative approach to training advisors harmonizes with this philosophy. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to reinforce their mission with my background and experience.”

The insights Smith Lewis brings to the Advisory Council will be used to continue evolving Shaping Wealth’s flagship program, Building the Behavioral Officer (BTBA). BTBA is an immersive, cohort-based coaching course that trains advisors to drive better financial decisions for their clients while helping them understand how money fits into a meaningful life.

Shaping Wealth also looks forward to implementing Smith Lewis’s research and input within the firm’s subscription offering, Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO), which empowers advisors with an ongoing set of engaging behavioral resources and applied behavioral insights that are easy to understand, easy to share, practical and impactful.


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