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Shaping Wealth Announces Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer (OCBO™️) Program

Shaping Wealth, a pioneer in applied behavioral finance, is pleased to announce a new and original offering for the global wealth industry. In order to meet the soaring need for training advisors in the psychology of financial planning and delivering inspired human-centric advice, Shaping Wealth is launching the Outsourced Chief Behavioral Officer™️ (OCBO™️) membership program.

A chief behavioral officer translates the science and wisdom on financial wellbeing into transformative experiences which improve the lives of clients and the advisors who serve them. While few firms can hire a standalone CBO, most firms need the many benefits the role provides. OCBO™️ fills this need for behavioral insights that are easily digestible, immediately impactful, and affordable.

“Understanding and integrating human behavior into the financial planning process is no longer a nice-to-have for the modern advisor,” says Brian Portnoy, CEO of Shaping Wealth. “Something called ‘behavior’ isn’t a planning tool and never was. It’s gravity, a force that’s everywhere and always. How advisors can bend that force in service of better decisions, stronger habits, and improved wellbeing is among the most important challenges the industry now faces.”

An exclusive and tiered membership program, OCBO™️ will deliver a mix of content, coaching, conversations, games, inspirations, and more on a steady weekly, monthly, and quarterly cadence delivered via a proprietary digital portal. It will also deepen and broaden Shaping Wealth’s quickly growing community of behavioral advisors. In conjunction with the firm's immersive coaching programs, OCBO™️ aims to elevate the craft of financial advice.

About Shaping Wealth: Shaping Wealth is a learning company dedicated to improving the human experience of money. Our team of experts in applied behavioral science creates content and coaching experiences to inspire better financial decision-making and a healthier relationship with money. Shaping Wealth works with: financial advisors and their clients to help calibrate purpose with planning; companies desiring more contented and productive employees; and community organizations, including schools, where better financial literacy is imperative.

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